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What kind of good material for carbon fiber

Source: What kind of good material for carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a twenty-first century new high-performance materials, China's development of carbon fiber has broad application prospects, carbon fiber according to the classification of raw materials can be divided into polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber, pitch-based carbon fiber, adhesive-based carbon fibers and a phenolic resin carbon fiber, these different materials carbon fiber has what difference does it? Carbon fiber material that is good?

From the current carbon fiber market, mainly PAN-based carbon fiber and pitch-based carbon fibers. High performance carbon fiber has already been recognized by the world, PAN-based is what we often say that the PAN-based carbon fiber because the process is relatively simple, excellent mechanical properties of the product, very versatile, such as spacecraft, space shuttle, aviation aircraft structure materials and so on.

High temperature performance PAN-based carbon fiber material is particularly prominent, although the intensity with increasing temperature tends to decrease, but in the absence of air at a temperature of 2000 degrees still has good strength. With increasing temperature, PAN-based carbon fiber materials have a tendency to shrink, good dimensional stability, good fatigue resistance. In general it will not cause any acid salt corrosion, these properties are the traditional metal materials do not have, compared to other types of new composite materials with a strong performance advantage.

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